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A wordy Wordless Wednesday: Maternity Portraits (and a few thoughts)

I admit, I’ve been kind of a crappy blogger when it comes to my pregnancy this time around! This coming Friday, I’ll be 25 weeks, and I’ve barely written anything about being pregnant!

I keep remember the weekly updates when I was pregnant with Zachary. It was new and interesting. It’s still interesting, of course, and especially since I’ve gotten to have more ultrasounds this time around, it’s particularly cool to see the advancements in technology and hear the explanations about what I’m looking at (crazy how great it has improved over the past 4 years!). But seriously, the second time around, at least for me, the mists have parted and the #1 thing I’m thinking about is delivering a healthy little boy. I am ready for June to be here so that I can hold him already!

The first time I was pregnant, I did almost everything my doctor told me to, worked as much as I wanted because I felt invincible, and had no doubt in my mind that things were going to be awesome. And they were! I still have no doubt that everything will be awesome (come on, I’m me… LOL… I’m always awesome!!), but I freely admit that being pregnant and taking care of a VERY active 3 year old and two busy businesses is not the easiest thing in the world. Not to mention, the room I’m sitting in right now, my office, is going to turn into a room for my two boys and cleaning it out is a crazy exhausting task (which I, um, haven’t event started yet).

During my first pregnancy I shot 17 weddings (yes, all during my pregnancy), lots of portrait sessions, and often stayed up late (to the tune of 3-4am) getting everything done because I was shooting so much and was concerned about getting things finished on time. It’s simply not happening this time. Thankfully my business is in a place where I don’t have to shoot as much because I’m no longer in the beginning stages, and my prices now reflect my worth rather than my desire to build my photography portfolio… so I’ve been able to take it slower and don’t feel compelled to ever stay up until 3am working – not only is that kind of schedule 100% unhealthy, but I can barely stay up past 11pm many nights anyway. 🙂

Anyway, as I have to get back to editing a portrait session, here are some photos for you to enjoy, courtesy of my husband Adrian. These were taken at 22 weeks right before I headed off to photograph a baby shower!

maternity portraits

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