Wordless Wednesday: Family Picnic

Wow, I have been a bad, bad blogger! About three weeks ago, my computer died, and then we left for a family vacation road trip, and I didn’t really have the time or ability to blog while I was gone. Since my computer wasn’t working, I didn’t get to schedule anything to auto-post while I was away. My new, amazing iMac has finally arrived, and I have about a zillion photos to edit from my trip.

It’s rare that I have a family photo to post of all 3 of us, so for this Wordless(ish) Wednesday, I wanted to share an iPhone shot I took the day that Adrian, Zachary, and I all had a picnic at Smuggler’s Notch State Park up in Vermont (yes, we drove from Florida up to Vermont…. lots to blog about and photos to share)!


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Family Picnic

  1. Hi karen! congratulations on your new iMac. i bet you gonna blog your self out now 🙂 that a very nice photos of you and your family. you look happy when you toghter. i wish more happy days like this one 🙂 ! barak.

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