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Space, the final frontier…

Note: If we are personal facebook friends, you’ll have already seen these videos since I shared them to my personal account. However, they were important to me, so I decided to blog about them.

After watching the last shuttle launch ever a few weeks ago, Adrian and I have felt a bit nostalgic about space travel. After he gets home from work, we’ve been taking an hour or two to watch a couple episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, one of our favorite shows from the past few years.

I’ve always loved the opening sequence from Enterprise, and watching it makes me feel even more nostalgic for the space program, though hopeful that one day something amazing will take its place and our children will continue to dream of seeing stars and planets in far-off galaxies with their own eyes.

Adrian found this fantastic video compiling all of the Space Shuttle missions, and it’s definitely worth watching. I had Zachary watch it with me and we talked about flying into space, being an astronaut, and exploring the stars. Maybe one day he will have the opportunity to travel in space and do things that we can only dream about…

5 thoughts on “Space, the final frontier…

  1. I love your blog. You are so eclectic in all the things you post. This one in particular is fabulous and very uplifting. You inspire with your love of life and people. You always look to the skies for all things possible!!

  2. This videos are very exciting! maybe one day we will get this opportunity, we can’t imagine this today but in the past no one thought that we will move with this things that call cars and planes 🙂

  3. I am a closet Trekie … I was even named after Kirk’s love interest in the very first episode 🙂 I’m your latest GFC follower – hope you can stop by my place soon too.

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