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Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Little Tech Boy

Zachary loves HIS iPad (that’s what he calls it). Little did Adrian & I know when we bought the iPad that it’d one day be used for preschool games, to watch Mater’s Tales, or to check out videos of dump trucks, school buses, garbage trucks, trains, and more on YouTube. Seriously…YOUTUBE. My two and a half year old knows how to work YouTube. I guess it’s not surprising, considering I first started using the computer for fun & games back in the late 1980’s thanks to my own technologically progressive dad.

I love the first one, it’s like he’s saying, “Come on Mommy, put the camera down. Don’t you know I’m watching this cool dump truck video right now?! Stop telling me to smile for a picture!”

toddler using ipad

toddler using ipad

5 thoughts on “Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Little Tech Boy

  1. Cute pictures! My 4 y/o son is also into anything construction, we have to drive by a construction site everyday (fortunately there are several houses being built on our way home!)

    I was wondering do you use any program to monitor search results on youtube for children?

    1. Thanks for your comment Ronda! No, I don’t use anything to monitor search results but it’s not needed. I supervise his use of the iPad plus he is only 2 years old, so he’s not old enough to type/write/spell yet. Any actual searching has to be done by myself or another adult!

  2. Cute! My husband has an iPad, but he uses it mostly for work and doesn’t let the kids use it much. I think I need to convince him to let the kids play on it, because it looks like a great photo op!

  3. That’s funny. My daughter plays with my wife’s ipod touch and will do the same thing. She’ll browse on her own to Youtube and find videos to watch. My wife actually discovered a cool band because of her. My daughter has even figured out how to unlock my phone but she hasn’t managed to open any apps…yet.

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