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Little Puddle Jumper

Yesterday I met up with various photographer friends of mine and had my Canon 5D handy, so when I picked Zachary up from Summer Camp, I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of him in our driveway as it drizzled down rain. It had been raining hard all afternoon, and Zachary wanted to jump in the puddles soooo badly. He was elated when I gave him permission so that I could snap away. I was quite a site to see shooting, btw… I was holding his backpack, lunchbox, sippy cup, the mail, my purse, the camera… not sure how I actually managed to get these focused and composed, but it happened.

Taking these images was a great, flying moment for me, because I captured my little boy doing something that truly made him happy. Not even the fact that he was happy, just the fact that he was doing something that is so integral to his personality and who he is. It’s something I wish more of my portrait sessions were about. Most of the time people are concerned with getting the kids to smile and look at the camera, and sure, those images are great – and I strive to get at least a few perfect smiles for every child I shoot, but for me, my favorite kind of image is of a person (child or adult) lost in thought, being their own person, or caught up in a moment that makes them who they are.

Those are not usually moments that happen when we have a camera handy, as they can often be more private moments and just don’t happen at every shoot, but they are the most telling, and the the most striking, and the most wonderful to capture — to me, anyway. I’ve been lucky enough to capture a few images during sessions that remind me of that feeling. They’ll always be some of my favorites, just as these are some of my favorites of my Zachary.

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