Photo Memories of our winter trip to Washington DC

Summer is coming here in South Florida, no doubt about it! I think I’ve probably written about how hot it is three or four times already in my last couple blog posts, which is not great considering it’s only April, but it’s true. The sun seems brighter and the heat just bears down. It’s not easy to be outside lately! It doesn’t help that my favorite pair of sunglasses mysteriously cracked in half the other day, so it just seems even more unbearable!

I found these images from our little mini road trip this past winter to Washington DC and driving through Virginia which I never blogged! They are snowy and icy so I thought I would share them to bring back some fun wintry memories. We are planning on visiting Washington DC again this summer while on a road trip, and this time we are taking Zachary with us.  I can’t wait to take him to see the airplanes at the Air & Space Museum!

Have you ever taken your preschool age child to DC? What kinds of things did you enjoy doing? What did your kids think of it?

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our mini trip to DC. These snowy ones are from when we  left my husband’s family’s home in Tennessee, where we’d had a snow fall. Soon we got out of the snowy areas and began to see some more beautiful scenery that had a bit of green.

vacation photos from virginia and washington dc

We alternated between snowy and non-snowy for a while until all the snow had melted and just gave way to grassy farmland in Virgnia as we got closer to Washington DC.

vacation photos from virginia and washington dc

DC is one of my favorite places. I feel like there is always so much to do and see and it’s always different every time we visit. We have always gone during different seasons. We have been during fall, now winter, and soon we’ll be going during the summer. All that’s missing is Springtime – I would love to go for the National Cherry Blossom Festival one year. Adrian and I are always discussing different places that we’d enjoy living one day, and we always come back to this area as a possibility. It has so much history and culture. I could never get tired of exploring all of the different museums and historical areas.

I also just love the architecture. These photos were taken at or around the Ronald Reagan building. We parked in the Reagan building’s garage that day, which we’d never done before since we previously had just parked on the street. It was an interesting experience parking in the parking garage in DC since the guards had to check our driver’s licences and check the trunk of the car. It was a great location though since we were able to access the Museum of Natural History which was amazing!

vacation photos from virginia and washington dc

All images were captured with the Canon 5D and processed using Lightroom 3.

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  1. love love love. really. love the photos. so pretty! you know me and architecture and photos of manmade structures juxtaposed with nature. 🙂

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