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An old favorite from Antelope Canyon in Arizona

I was looking through some of my old photos from Flickr a while back and remembered this amazing image that I captured at Antelope Slot Canyon in Arizona. It’s one of my favorite old Flickr photos and has some of my top stats with almost 2500 views, 22 comments, and 45 favorites as of today. Every time someone leaves a comment I always go back to look at it since it’s so beautiful. We even have a variation on this image that Adrian took, which is hanging in our home as a huge canvas print!

Adrian and I took captured images of the Southwestern United States on an incredible road trip in January 2007 after my sister-in-law’s wedding in Arizona over the holidays in 2006. We visited The Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, the Colorado River, Zion National Park, and ended up in Las Vegas. We also saw Route 66!

The photos we took during that trip were pretty amazing, and I hope to share some more of them here, since I don’t think I’ve ever blogged them anywhere.

Antelope Slot Canyon

Antelope Canyon was an awesome place to visit. The red rocks were so beautiful and the shapes that the rock formations created were so unique and incredible.

I hope to one day take a road trip like this again, possibly traveling along Route 66 with my family. The Southwest is full of so much history and is so different from Florida. It will be amazing to experience that with my children one day.

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