Photography, Zachary

My little Chick Magnet!

I didn’t get to post this yesterday, but technically it IS a Valentine-ish post. Look how sweet my little boy is chasing bubbles in his cute shirt!

I love the Chick Magnet shirt I got at Target…. and it’s soooo true! When I drop Zachary off at preschool, all the little girls in the class seem to gravitate towards him. And of course he doesn’t seem to care quite yet, but all the little girls sure seem to like him! LOL! I love hearing them all say “Hi Zachy!” and “Zachy here!” when he arrives. It is just the cutest thing ever, and of course I feel very proud that my son is popular among his toddler classmates… yes, even at such an early age. 🙂

Canon 5D | 50mm f/1.4 | 1/3000sec @ f/1.4 | ISO 100
Edited with Totally Rad’s LR Presets

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