Do you Groupon?

Do you use Groupon?? I absolutely love this website! I’ve gotten so many great deals for restaurants, bookstores, and other companies using Groupon. They have awesome deals every day, and I’ve signed up to receive info for all of the different cities in my general vicinity, so I always get the best specials!

Click the image below and sign up if you aren’t yet a member!

Moms need a break too!

Disclosure: I’m a Groupon affiliate member, but I wasn’t additionally compensated to write this and my opinions are my own.

1 thought on “Do you Groupon?

  1. No, I am not a groupon fan. I can’t stand all the photography promos they do… it’s turning into a “wait till next week to see who the photographer is who will be giving away their soul for $59” program and I haven’t found the best food deals there yet. I like our local one of living social .. they have great promos there on food.

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