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Spring cleaning the garden

So, the other day I posted about how I’d let my poor beautiful garden be neglected and fall to ruin. Well, inspired by my own blog post (and kind of horrified by all of the weeds), I brought Zachary out to the backyard with a bunch of toys and the dog to play with, and put my gardening gloves on. Weeds were pulled and now the garden looks semi acceptable, although pretty bare and in need of new additions, which I’ll probably select this week with Zachary on a visit to the plant nursery.

Spring cleaning the garden
Zachary even has his own child size rake! So cute!

There are still lots of tiny weeds in there which will require some work, but we have a thriving tomato plant which already has some teeny weeny little tomatoes growing on it! It sprung up from where our last tomato plant died last season. I had no idea it would even grow and it was a surprise to see it! Adrian put some supports in for it so that it grows straight. We also have basil, which grew the same way (I had pulled up the basil because it became overgrown and it grew back out of nowhere)!

The rosemary has continued to thrive throughout my season of garden neglect, but the chives and the sweet pepper plant are not doing so well. Both are looking a bit wilty even though the pepper plant has some small red peppers on it. We’d gotten a great crop of peppers last season, so I’m hoping that plant comes back to life!

I’m planning to get some hot peppers and some other herbs. I look forward to filling in the gaps and hopefully having a nice crop this year, too.

Do you have a garden at home, too? if so, what are your favorite herbs and veggies to plant?

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  1. Oh I’m jealous….look at the green!! I live in chicago, and I forgot what green grass looks like w all this bleek and snow for the past 2 months :/

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