Daily Life

My loquat tree!

Adrian and I bought our house in 2005, and for all these years we’ve regarded the tree in our backyard with a bit of annoyance. It sheds its leaves, then it grows fruit and the birds peck at it and leave their discards in our backyard! We never knew if the fruit was good to… Read More My loquat tree!

Photography, Zachary

Fresh Strawberries

Zachary, Maya, and I had a lovely morning playing outside, chatting with a neighbor and her 2 little dogs, and eating fresh strawberries right from our garden! What a great day! Photographed with the iPhone 4 Edited with Photoshop Express for iPhone

Daily Life

Greens from our garden

It’s been a long day and I’m ready for my True Blood! Adrian and I usually have a nice dinner on True Blood nights since it’s one of the only nights that we really sit down to enjoy TV lately since we’re so busy. Adrian’s┬ámaking chicken with bell peppers, onions and herbs, and all the… Read More Greens from our garden