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pic of the week: cold weather boy

Last week it was one of the coldest most record breaking days in South FL history! I dressed Zachary up in a warm outfit and headed to the front yard for some fun portraits. He loved being outside, running around and did a great job posing for pictures for his mama.  He’s such a good little boy and so sweet. I feel so lucky to have him!

Here are a few of my favorite portraits:



Cold day

Happy in the cold

Canon 5D, 50mm at f/1.4
The first couple images were shot at 1/3000 or 1/2000 sec. but the last one was at 1/6000 sec.

8 thoughts on “pic of the week: cold weather boy

  1. Great photos! He’s so cute in that sweater and jeans!
    Looks like you’re having nice weather, can you send some up here to Ohio? (it’s snowing AGAIN! booo)

  2. Super cute pics! Isn’t it great how they are now posing for us? If you check out my fb album “Park days are Back” I have a couple pics where I tried getting Kali to pose by a tree like those and she’s like hardcore hugging and trying to climb the tree. So cute! Z is getting SOO big. Just wait he’s gonna shoot up over these next few weeks, Kali grew like 2 inches right after she turned 2. Love the pics keep them coming!

    1. Thanks Summer… I absolutely love it! it’s so cute how he poses now and really hams it up for the camera! I wish we all lived closer so the kids could play together. Zachary is definitely growing like a weed. I measured him at the dr. a week ago and he was 35.5 inches standing up!

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