My little buddy

Last week I took off to start my vacation and Zachary stayed home with me from school so I could spend some time with him. I took him to the mall since I had to get my laptop’s battery replaced at the Apple store. He loves to go out with Mommy (though he wasn’t thrilled about the packed Apple store!) and we had a great day together. He has truly become my little buddy!

When we arrived at the mall and I parked the car, I told him we were at the mall and he clapped his hands and said, “Yaaayyyy!” I thought that was so adorable. I love that he enjoys doing things with me and how excited he gets.

At the mall, there was a big fountain, and he was entranced by them! He loved watching the water and could not get enough of the splashing and bubbles. He wanted to get out of the stroller and get closer, which I did let him do eventually, keeping a hand on him so he wouldn’t try to jump in. Ha! He just kept looking in amazement and said, “wow, Mommy! wow!” I loved it! Here he is enjoying the fountains (and a cookie):

Enjoying fountains at the mall

I took him to the food court for lunch and invited him to sit next to me rather than in his stroller. At 2 years old, Zachary is a typical active & rambunctious little boy so this was kind of a brave move for me especially since I was by myself and actually wanted to enjoy my food. LOL. He really keeps me on my toes. He pleasantly surprised me though because he sat pretty quietly next to me and ate his goldfish. He is really growing up!

We had such a great, fun day together full of smiles and fantastic quality time. I’m so thrilled that I took the week off so I could spend some much-needed time with my little boy just him and me. I will do it again next year. Nothing is more important than good times and happy days spent with my Zachary. He is so little and growing up so fast. Work can wait just a little bit longer so that I can enjoy these times with him, and I’m so thankful I have the luxury of taking that time off to spend with him.

Hope those of you who celebrate Christmas have a great one and enjoy spending lots of wonderful quality time with the ones you love!

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