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Being sick sucks.

I apologize to those of you still waiting for me to announce the winners of my final Photo Fun Month giveaways. I will do it soon, whenever I can get back to the computer. I’m writing from my phone at the moment.

Zachary got sick over the weekend and for the first time ever, I caught his cold, but was in much worse shape than my little boy. I had unfortunately decided to get my flu shot at the pediatrician’s office on Monday, not realizing that I’d already caught Zachary’s cold. What a horrible combination. Now I see why they say not to ever get the flu shot if you’re sick. I’ve pretty much been out of commission since Tuesday, barely able to pull myself out of bed or off the couch.

Thanks to my parents for babysitting and my husband for helping out by taking care of Zachary (and me) in the middle of the night, and lots of sleep, and my dad for bringing me some “Jewish Penicillin” aka chicken soup I’m finally starting to feel better. After 2 days of running a fever of almost 103 degrees, I was down to 99-100 today which is a big improvement, although I was still super dizzy today and my throat feels like it’s been rubbed with sandpaper since I’ve been coughing so much.

By far the worst part of being this sick is having to care for someone other than myself. Two someones actually since our dog hasn’t been feeling well lately either (her back occasionally gives her problems so she has to take special medicine). It’s very frustrating having lost my voice & attempting to reason with a toddler when I can barely speak because it hurts to talk! Also, he’s feeling much better now so he’s active again, but when I over-exert myself I start to feel really dizzy since I’m still sick. I give lots of credit to those of you who have more than one child or who don’t have help. Being sick is no fun but it’s a lot harder when someone else has to come first!!!

Well, my nyquil is about to kick in so I’ll sign off now, I should be able to get about 9 glorious hours of sleep tonight! Don’t forget to vote on Picket Fence or Top Baby Blogs!

7 thoughts on “Being sick sucks.

  1. Feel better soon!! Not only should you not get a flu shot while sick, but any shot while sick as it suppresses your already lowered immune system 🙁 hope you get better soon so you can enjoy the rest of your year… Keep drinking that soup & get tons of vitamin d (I’d up to 5000 if you have the pure version) & vitamin c & zinc. Xoxo

  2. Ugh, sorry to hear you are so sick! 🙁 rest up & keep drinking lots of water. There is a homeopathic called Belladonna that helps w/ sore throats. It was just a few bucks at the Sunflower market here. Maybe you can try it? <3

  3. Oh!! I hope you start to feel better. I can definitely understand the double threat of having a sick child and being sick. Once Joe and I both got food poisoning and it was terrible. Luckily it didn’t kick in until Jude went to bed because we were both a mess and could barely move.

    Hope you recover soon!

  4. I’m so sorry – let me just say, I admire YOU for being able to care for your little one AT ALL while you’re ill. I realize that even withyour spouse’s help there’s really no option but to take care of your kiddo and keep them alive and thriving, whether you’re under the weather or not, BUT I had to send my dog to my mom’s house for a weekend when I had the flu, so girlfriend, my hat’s off to you!

    Take care, stay warm!!

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