The wonderful free Publix cookie

“Cookie, cookie….. mommy… cookie…” is what Zachary said after we’d walked around Publix (the local grocery store) for about five minutes. Actually, he started saying it after I dared walk through the bakery (which was also the cheese section) and somehow forgot to get him a free chocolate chip cookie (all Publix supermarkets give a free cookie to children). Today was a long day and I made it to the yogurt section before realizing that he was asking for his cookie.

Quickly I doubled back to the bakery and asked the lady for a chocolate chip cookie. He was so happy he almost couldn’t eat it. He just held it happily… staring at it. Finally he took a bite carefully, holding each side of the cookie with one of his little hands. He always savors his cookies since they’re a special treat and not something that we have at home. He rarely ever offers me a bite but today he carefully broke a piece off and stuck his hand out. “Mommy!” he said. “Is this for me?” I asked. “Mommy!” he assured me. He had eaten a little over half of the cookie, but decided that he was in a sharing mood, so he gave the rest to me. I love my sweet little boy!

Cookie monster Cookie monster


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