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iPhone App of the Week: Photoshop Express

accuweather iphone appThe iPhone app this week is Photoshop Express. I decided to highlight this one first because just like any photographer shouldn’t be without Photoshop on their computer, you shouldn’t be without it on your iPhone, either, if you like to use your iPhone to take pictures! I believe they have versions for other phone platforms like Droid as well.

I like PS Express because it’s simple, straightforward & powerful (and free). I often use it to brighten the exposure of an image, enhance vibrance, and add sharpness. I also like a square image sometimes so I find the cropping tool very useful. There are lots of great tools, and all are perfect for the iPhone user to do basic editing as well as some artistic effects.

I think it’d be awesome if they could add more artistic presets since the ones they have don’t work on every image, naturally, so it’d be great to have more of a selection, but I don’t feel like I’m lacking. If you download any iPhone camera/editing app make it this one! Not only because it happens to be free (yay! And amazing!) but because it rocks!

Here are some of my favorite iphone pics edited with Photoshop Express for the iPhone:

Playing at a new park
Playing at the park
a boy & his dog
Zachary & Maya in the Florida Room
Parking lot sunset
Parking Lot at Sunset

My iPhone is one of my favorite methods to document my life, and Photoshop Express makes it fun to make those photos pretty.

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