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Photo Fun Month! Black Rapid RS-W1 Camera Strap Review & Giveaway


black rapid giveaway

black rapid giveaway

I’m super excited to be giving away a Black Rapid RS-W1 strap! This strap is designed for ladies, and it makes it comfortable to wear your camera cross-body. I watched a 5 minute YouTube video to get the strap set up & customized to my height and within a few minutes I was ready to rock!

The first time I used the strap was while on vacation in St. Augustine. Wearing my camera with the Black Rapid strap was so much easier than the neck strap! I couldn’t believe it! Especially with also carrying my purse, camera bag, diaper bag, and pushing the stroller…. OMG! There was so much stuff. I was glad to have my camera in a much more comfortable position.

When I got home, I shot an event with my friends Jessica Savidge & Dan Rakofsky, from Art Essence Studio. I used the strap & found it really comfortable to use while shooting “for real” – plus it has such a professional look! Overall, a winning combination.

The strap is fully adjustable and it’s just so comfortable to wear since the cross-body strap has a bit of a curve to it. When I wear my other camera around my neck now, it hurts compared to the camera I wear with the Black Rapid! My neck is in a lot less pain following a wedding thanks to this strap. In addition to comfort, the strap has a subtle damask pattern on it. Not only does it just look so professional, but it has a hint of girly goodness, which I really love. It’s feminine and function, built into one product!

Check out the great photo that Dan (also a Black Rapid fan) took of me below:

black rapid giveaway

You can buy the strap directly from Black Rapid & it’s also available on Amazon, where the RS-W1 is only $59 to have your very own – and it’s an investment that’s well worth it!!

The folks at BlackRapid have been kind enough to provide one of my lucky readers with a free strap! The giveaway is open to US residents age 18 & up. Here’s how to enter:

Mandatory entry: Leave a comment telling me how you feel that the Black Rapid strap will change the way you shoot or how you’ll benefit from using it.

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The contest ends on November 23, 2010 at 11:59pm Eastern time.

Disclosure: I received a sample product to review. I was not compensated for this post in any other way. All opinions stated are my own.

129 thoughts on “Photo Fun Month! Black Rapid RS-W1 Camera Strap Review & Giveaway

  1. It would make me feel like a professional photographer, or at least someone who knows how to take a good photo…so I would use my camera more often.

  2. I’m following you and BlackRapid on fb. i just watched the video and i’d love to win this strap. since my open heart surgery five years ago, my chest is sensitive to extra weight up front. I’m always looking for products (clothing, necklaces etc.) that will be comfortable, this strap looks perfect. If i don’t win your drawing i have added it to my wishlist of products for my business. thanks.

  3. I can’t walk around with my camera on my neck for long periods of time. This would make it more comfortable!

  4. I bought a black rapid strap a couple of years ago–before there was a woman’s version. I love it, and I think I’d love the RS-W1 even more!

  5. I carry my camera a lot at events we go to so I know the Black Rapid will help me be more comfortable carrying it.

  6. I follow you and BlackRapid. No need to enter me in the drawing but I wanted to add my comment that this strap ROCKS. I had to switch from wearing my camera around my neck when I hurt my back and most straps were really uncomfortable and left my camera dangling awkwardly. This strap has really done the trick and I love it.

  7. I think the Black Rapid would be awesome to have because due to a neck injury having a strap around my neck is really uncomfortable, I think the RS-W1 would be a huge improvement over a regular neck strap and I love that is designed specifically for women!

  8. I feel that this strap will help me better support my camera… and add a little extra fun and pizzazz to my photo taking adventures!

  9. Oh my goodness this strap is amazing! It would make lugging my big dslr around the city a) easier b) more comfortable c) infinitely more stylish. I adore it!

  10. Omg… My neck strap kills me when I’m working long hours with my camera. Would love this gorgeous cross body!!

  11. […] Black Rapid Camera Strap – this is an awesome camera strap designed for women. Shooting with the Black Rapid RS-W1 has eased the pressure on my neck and back considerably when I photograph weddings & sessions and I’m excited to be giving one away! This is a GREAT strap for traveling when you will be walking around for extended periods of time with your DSLR! (ends November 23rd) […]

  12. I have been eyeing this strap now for awhile.. Just upgraded to a (heavier!) Canon MarkII and would love to try this strap. Seems like it would be way more comfortable on shoots!

  13. I’d benefit from this because I’d be much more likely to take my camera with me if I had this strap. So many times I leave it behind because it doesn’t fit right with my current strap.

  14. Well, last trip with a heavy camera, I came back and had subluxated the vertebrae in my neck from it pulling on my spine the entire trip! UTTER fail. Getting it distributed across the shoulder/chest and letting you relax the shoulders and neck WHILE keeping the camera secure? Priceless. Well, money making too, since no ER and XRAY bills to pay 😛

  15. I think that this strap would make it so that I’m less likely to miss a shot, since it would be more comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. Thanks!

  16. I am new to photography and just helped a friend at a wedding last night. I was assisting her and also second shooting, so I was constantly putting the camera down and picking it up again. This strap would be wonderful so I could help my friend and still have my camera handy for shots.

  17. I’m trying to start my photog business up! and I think that this strap would make my shoots go a lot easier!

  18. My current strap is the one that came with the camera, and it’s getting worn-looking and a bit scratchy/uncomfortable. This one looks a lot more cushion-y and comfortable for my neck!

  19. I have been dying for a Black Rapid strap after seeing one at a photo shoot my family and I had done with Reiley Photography (unfortunately we live to far away to be able to use Karen!! Your next visit north right Karen?!?) Seeing how easy it was for her to be able to grab her camera and get a shot made me realize it would be a perfect accessory for me to make taking my camera with me on outing with my son much easier!

  20. Even earlier I voted for picket fence blogs. It looks like this will be my last entry into the contest- I am hoping to win because for years I had neck and back pain due to really large lady parts (TMI- I know). I have a breast reduction in 2005 and by neck and back feel so much better. I do still go to therapy for it from time to time, but overall by back feels new again. I just don’t want the weight of the camera to bring back all that pain. I often carry my camera on my shoulder now, but it is awkward to swing it back around when I want to get a shot. Thanks for having this contest and good luck to everyone that entered.

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