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My sleeping angel

Today’s Photo Fun Month photo is another moment in my life that makes me happy to have had my iPhone next to me to capture it. It’s not the most artistic photo – just a snap shot, but that’s what Photo Fun Month is about – capturing and documenting your life. 🙂 It’s okay if the picture is not award-winning because it is a precious memory.

Zachary was tired from this weekend’s trip and fell asleep on me watching Thomas after drinking his milk. We both actually fell asleep for a few hours there on the couch, and after a while he shifted from me to a couch pillow. I sat there with him watching him sleep until the moment he woke up (and of course wanted to go play with his trains) and could not resist capturing this cute image of my sleeping angel.

It’s hard to believe that in just 2 weeks my Zachary will be turning two years old. He still looks like such a little baby here. It was nice to nap with him snuggled up next to me today and feel needed and loved by my usually rambunctious toddler.

Sleeping angel

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