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Hotel life with an almost 2 year old

Yesterday I photographed a wedding so I did not have time to post the daily photo, so this one is from Saturday (yesterday).

Before shooting the wedding in Islamorada, I relaxed in our room with Zachary & we watched Thomas and Toy Story on the iPad. He was really enjoying Toy Story, and I caught this shot with my iPhone right when Buzz came up on the iPad screen. He really loves it!

It was so much fun to snuggle up with him while he drank his milk & enjoy the movies with him. Adrian & I love movies, so its cute to see that characteristic in him already. We will be getting Toy Story 3 soon to watch as a family and I can’t wait to show him a new Buzz & Woody adventure!

Watching Toy Story in the hotel room the other day

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5 thoughts on “Hotel life with an almost 2 year old

  1. I love it! Even on a tiny screen he is still mesmerized;). My daughter is 7 months old and just in the past 2 weeks she has started showing an interest in what is on our tv..to be honest it is a blessing because it is finally giving me a window to get things done. I look forward to watching cartoons with her when she is a bit older!

  2. We were in and out of other people’s houses and hotel rooms the whole month of October. It was interesting to say the least, but not always fun. It even rained one whole day and we stayed at the hotel for half of the day. The kids were going nuts, but I did my best to play with them and keep them busy in the room. I didn’t take them into the lobby because there was some man sitting in there watching tv, strange…

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