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iPhone App of the Week: Instagram!

accuweather iphone appHow much do I love this little app?! Not only is it free, but it also has a fun community aspect. Chances are if you have an iPhone and friends who have iPhones and you are involved in Facebook, twitter or other social networks, you probably have a couple friends already checking out Instagram!

Instagram allows you to take images or load up images already on your phone and use their different image editing presets to funk-ify your shots. It’s so much fun to take the photos, make them look fun, and then share them with friends. I really enjoy the community aspect and it’s enjoyable when friends comment or “like” your photos. it is also neat to find out what your friends are doing, where they’re doing it, and who they’re doing it with. Instagram will also post your images to your different social networks which takes a lot of extra work out of things for those of you who like to post your stuff everywhere.

The iPhone really inspires creativity in so many people and that’s one reason why I love shooting with it so much! The only thing I really could change about this app is that the images are not high-resolution and I really, really wish that they were. I think they are big enough for a smaller print though. Aside from that, it’s just fun to share photography with friends every day. It makes shooting more frequently with my phone a lot easier. I’ve enjoyed using it so far this month to capture my life.

My Instagram username is karenlisa if you sign up and would like to follow my work! 🙂 Here is a shot I took yesterday, one of my favorite Instagram shots so far! My little sleephead is so cute, dontcha think? 🙂


I love taking photos of my life using my iPhone, and communities/social media that incorporate photography like Instagram does just make it loads more fun!

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