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A wagon ride around the neighborhood

Today I took Zachary for a wagon ride. We walked all the way around my neighborhood and stopped up by my community’s club house. There are some giant, beautiful trees there which have probably been there for about 30-40 years since our development was built, and there is also some kind of court, but I’m not sure what kind of game is supposed to be played there. Zachary had a good time looking at the trees and running around the court.

I used my iPhone to snap some photos. The first two images were taken with Hipstamatic (they just dropped a new lens/film combo today for 99 cents, and these were taken with DreamCanvas film). The final 3 images were taken with the iPhone camera & edited using Photoshop Express. Hope you enjoy!

Zachary turns two in ten days.

HIP_311206006.503770 HIP_311206828.614498

running toddler

Happy Veteran’s Day today to all of those who serve, especially my father, Zachary’s Grandpa “Papa” who served in the Vietnam War!

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