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Getting ready for the holidays

We hung up our Hanukkah Lights on our awning outside today. We always use blue and white lights to signify our holiday.

Hanukkah starts on December 1st this year so we are already getting ready! I have been teaching Zachary to say “Happy Hanukkah” and am trying to get him excited about the holiday. My biggest challenge will be finding a safe place to keep our Menorah that he will not try to climb up on to reach. I’ll probably just leave it up on the stove, but it would be nice to enjoy seeing it in the house. I will be getting his gifts wrapped this week. The past 2 years he’s been too little to really enjoy the holiday, but this year he will actually be able to participate, so I really can’t wait! There is nothing in the world like sharing a fun holiday with a child!
Hanukkah lights

Taken on the iPhone 4, then edited with ShakeItPhoto.

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