Daily photos are hard.

I admit that I was grasping at straws when I tried to think of something to take a picture of for this post. Yes, another Hipstamatic shot with the super cool new DreamCanvas film… this is a picture of a gorgeous piece of artwork that my husband and I bought on Etsy a couple years ago.

We’d looked in IKEA at the art section but upon seeing generic abstract art for a hundred bucks or so, I figured I’d check Etsy to see if there was anything comparable or a little more money that was better, and well… original. We spent more than twice as much as the IKEA piece, but ended up with a real, original piece of artwork for our home that was absolutely worth it. Having real art in my house is important to me and I’m glad to have found such a gorgeous piece.

Art in my house

Artwork by the very talented Matthew Hamblen from North Carolina.

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4 thoughts on “Daily photos are hard.

  1. I realized that we have basically been playing leap frog over at topbabyblogs, so I finally decided to check out your blog. I love it! Your photos are gorgeous, and once I saw you loved Twilight..I had to follow. =D

    1. oh, thank you for commenting and for your compliment! yep, I am a big twilight fan… I have actually been wanting to watch it yet again, maybe I’ll do that later while I work 🙂 I followed your blog back!!

  2. These are just so cute. And the photos? Love the tyierwpter one. So much talent in one family.I am getting so inspired to become crafty. I’m taking my first step today with punch outs of hearts and a sewing machine and thread. Thank you for inspiration.DanaHow cool is that french comment above : )

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