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An afternoon to myself

Today was spent mostly running errands, and I had a routine doctor’s appointment down in Ft. Lauderdale, which, with traffic, is about a 40 minute drive for me. The time that I spend by myself when Zachary is in preschool is usually spent working hard trying to get as much done as I possibly can. So, since I knew that I had errands to do – doctor, post office to mail out things to clients (ok, so there was work involved there!) and Target for office supplies and birthday/Hanukkah gifts – I decided to take my time and try to enjoy it.

While at Target, I got a Gingerbread Latte at the in-store Starbucks (they were out of pumpkin spice – drat!) and wandered around the $1 aisle for a bit looking for things that Zachary would like. They had some adorable Cars and Toy Story socks and a few other cute toys. I also picked up a new Toy Story shirt for his birthday, and there were some little Buzz and Woody figures in the holiday section which I picked up for Hanukkah gifts (I’m aiming for 1-2 small toys/gifts each night). It was nice to walk around Target and not think about keeping a little one entertained for once! 🙂

Afterwards, I picked Zachary up from school. We made a quick stop at the post office and then came home. We ate, watched some Thomas, played with his blocks and trains, and ended the evening snuggling before I sang Twinkle, Twinkle and kissed him goodnight.

I snapped these images while I was out today. I took the first one from the car (don’t worry, I was moving slowly as there was a red light). The second one I took in the doctor’s waiting room. I got bored and decided to take some self portraits since there was a funky looking wall behind me!

Overall it was a nice afternoon on my own, and Zachary and I had a great time after school. I love that he enjoys spending so much time with me and loves being close with me. I can’t wait to see what our relationship will be like as he grows up.

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