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life, camera, action: Reading with Zachary

{life camera action is my version of Wordless Wednesday ~ when I just can’t help but be wordy!!}

I hadn’t had the chance to share these photos before – not sure why, I just hadn’t exported them or uploaded them. But, here they are! I took these on August 21st, a few days before Zachary started pre-school! He had just had a hair cut and we were spending some time playing in his new toddler bed reading books before bed time.

He absolutely loves to read, and the time we spend together sharing a story is one of my favorites. Now that he’s a little older, we are moving beyond simpler picture books into real stories, which is SUCH a treat for me. He loves looking at the richly colored photos and actually lays in the bed listening to the story. It’s amazing – he isn’t even 2 yet, and I can already see his imagination at work as he intently follows along. I’ve started reading longer books to him before bed, and can’t wait to share some of his favorites with my readers.

Here are some photos of him at story time from that night in August:

I love my books!

Favorite books

Kiss, Mommy!

Reading the Rainbow Fish Book

Canon 5D | 50mm @ f/1.4 | ISO 400 | 1/45 sec.

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