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Knee deep in photography

I am knee deep in photos right now, at least it feels like it. I can’t remember the last time I had a busier fall season. It’s a great thing, and I know it’s going to be over as quickly as it started, but right now, in the thick of it, it’s a little crazy. I’ve photographed some incredibly beautiful families so far, gorgeous boudoir sessions, two phenomenal weddings (with two more to go – and one of them in the Keys!) and in November I’m also hosting Photo Fun Month on my blog, in honor of my 5th year in business, Zachary’s 2nd birthday, and Thanksgiving!

Plus…. we have our own family pictures next month – well, actually it’s like two weeks. I am insanely excited about it, since one of my favorite local photographers is going to be doing them! More info on that after I actually have them done, because as of now, I have a whopping zero planned for that little adventure – no clue what to wear, what to do, where to go…. At least I have the date reserved! That’s a start…. right? 🙂 Locals, if you’re reading and you have any thoughts of where might be fun for my little family to go take family photos with my nearly two year old boy… please do not hesitate to comment or just shoot me an email or twitter message! 🙂

Needless to say this is such a busy time of year. One of my goals with Photo Fun Month (aka #photofunmonth) is going to be posting a picture every single day in November, even if it’s just an iPhone shot. As a photographer, sometimes I forget to document my own life when I’m busy working hard for my clients, and while I LOVE my job and have a blast making beautiful artistic images for them — it’s not fair to Zachary to forget to take shots of our day to day happenings just like any other mom would be doing. More on that in a couple days though, as I will be posting something about the fun giveaways and the daily photo challenge on November 1st!

For now, here is some wedding art for you, and I’m sharing it here first! My friends Nicole & Scott who we’ve been friends with and have photographed many times since Adrian and I originally started shooting way back in 2005 got married last weekend and here is one of my favorite portraits so far from their wedding:

Nicole & Scott

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  1. Isn’t it crazy how time consuming a photography career is!! I was thinking it would slow my life down but, it is just as busy if not busier. Business is good though..means making money for the family which is a blessing. Beautiful picture!

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