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Happy Halloween 2010!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween tonight! I won a giant box of candy from Hershey’s, so we had plenty to give out to our eager trick-or-treaters!

Zachary was The Flash this year for Halloween. If you don’t know about The Flash, you can click here to read up! We chose this costume because he’s in the “never sit still” stage right now, and moves quick as a flash! It was so fitting- and way cute! 🙂 Also, we’re big fans of the show The Big Bang Theory, and The Flash is a recurring theme on the show… so it was inspiring! 🙂 Before trick or treating, my parents came over to visit, see his costume, and help take a few photos.

He’s such a big boy now. Last year, we dressed him up as a Star Trek character (what can I say, he’s got geeks for a Mom & Dad) and what a difference a year makes! Last year we only made it to four houses. This year, even though it was raining, he was incredibly excited to trick or treat! He carried his pumpkin around proudly and held it out to get his candy! He loved Halloween!

I couldn’t believe how grown up he looked and how much fun he was having holding our hands and leading us around to each house, following the other little children and groups of bigger kids…. we made it to quiet a few houses on our street and everyone was so festive and fun. I’m so glad we went around our neighborhood this year. We have a cute neighborhood and fun neighbors. All of the older kids were so cute in their Buzz & Woody & Princess costumes!  Everyone who saw him loved his costume, too! We had such a great time and can’t wait until next year.

Here’s an action shot that I snapped from my iPhone’s Hipstamatic app while we waited at someone’s door:

Our Little Flash

Here are some of my favorite pictures but if you click here to visit my photo blog, you can see the whole set!

south florida child photographer

My husband edited that awesome motion blur on the first picture! Soooo cool, huh?? He really moves like The Flash! 🙂

south florida child photographer

Maybe next year  he’ll be big enough to pick out his own costume! 😉 Again, make sure you go visit my Photography Blog and see the rest of the images – it’s truly worth it to see them in larger versions!!

Keep an eye on my blog starting tomorrow — Photo Fun Month is beginning November 1st, and I’ll be posting a photo each and every day of November! You can blog a photo each day, too, and even tweet about it using the hash tag, #photofunmonth!

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