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iPhone App of the Week: Accuweather

accuweather iphone appWhile the iPhone does come with its own Weather app, I found out about Accuweather a year or two ago and really prefer it over any other weather app. I find it to be extremely informative and easy to use.

Florida’s weather is very temperamental, and especially during this time of year when I’m doing tons of photo shoots, I need something that allows me to view the weather by the hour. Sometimes, I need to check it when I’m out and being able to see the hourly weather reports and predictions, watch the radar, etc, is just super important. This allows me to plan my day and figure out if I need to cancel a shoot and reschedule or if I can proceed and utilize the 1 hour break in the rain that is predicted by the radar.

I do wish the radar had a time schedule on it rather than just showing the weather movement across the screen, but it’s still very useful to see where the bad weather is going.

Overall, Accuweather is a great, free weather app. If you want something much more detailed than the one that comes with your iPhone, I highly recommend it!

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