twenty months old

Zachary’s had a cold all weekend and stayed home from camp Monday, so I forgot to do Mixtape Mondays this week. Sorry guys. I’ll just have to make an extra awesome one next week!

Even though he’s been sick (he had a sore throat and an ear infection), it was fun having him home from camp for a couple days (though tiring, lol, he’s full of energy!). He’s really becoming such a big boy and it’s been so much fun seeing how he’s developing! He is very strong and very smart. We are having so, so, so much fun watching him grow and learn every day!

Here’s a rundown of some things he’s doing at twenty months old.

  • New-ish words are “hi!” – blue – book – ball, and I heard him say “done” yesterday, which he hasn’t said in months! There are more but I keep forgetting to write them down. He is also repeating a lot of words/sounds that he hears, too. Zachary doesn’t have a huge vocabulary yet but is an amazing communicator. I rarely wonder anymore what he’s thinking since he will answer yes or no questions and point to what he wants or bring you over to what he wants you to do. He has been adding new words each week though, so I can’t wait for him to just bust out with a sentence! πŸ™‚
  • He understands everything we say these days and can follow pretty complicated directions!
  • He loves playing with his toys… anything with blocks, boxes, bowls. He loves to stack items inside other items or use blocks that fit together like those giant legos.
  • Zachary is REALLY affectionate lately! Not sure if it’s because Adrian and I were on vacation for 2 weeks without him, but he is super loving and cuddly with us (and of course with the dog, he loves the dog to pieces). He gives us hugs, kisses, cuddles, all on his own and without prompting.Β He loves to hang out on my lap watching TV or reading a book and be snuggled on the couch. It’s nice to have a cuddly little baby right now, since in another 10 years he is going to think I’m an annoying & embarrassing mom and will not want me to give him a hug in public! πŸ™‚
  • He understands sooo much: He has a toy airplane that I picked up for him at the airport the last time we were in San Diego. It makes airplane takeoff noises and has flashing lights on it. Zachary loves to press the button to turn on the sound, and then runs/spins in a circle while holding the toy in the air, simulating the plane flying high above him. He spins around until he is dizzy and then falls down laughing. it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. πŸ™‚
  • He now asks when he wants help washing his hands or to have his diaper changed! This definitely helps.
  • He loves loves loves climbing into his toddler bed and “reading” his books there! After the third day/night sleeping in his bed, he was a pro. He has been doing great with naps in his bed and really well at night too, and he does not get out of bed.
  • Zachary really loves strumming my guitar and “playing” the piano. I’m trying to teach him individual notes on the keyboard when we sit down to play so he can learn the very basics – when he gets a little bigger we’ll get him lessons.
  • He LOVES going to camp/preschool – something I didn’t expect. He’s been going all summer. He wakes up very excited every day to get ready to go have fun with his friends and teachers, and he does great there. They have so many activities like art, cooking, creative movement, music, and much more. It really enriches his life and provides tons of stimulation which he needs as a growing almost two year old. He has learned a lot at camp too, and bringing home his cute little art projects to put on the fridge is pretty awesome, lol.

It seems every day he is doing something new now. Things are moving pretty fast with development at this stage in life, it seems. I can’t wait to find out what he has in store for us, next!

Posts are better with pictures, right? So here are some, these are actually from last month. Here’s Zachary playing in an empty box from a new desk chair that Adrian bought for himself. We let him play in the box while Adrian sat next to him putting the chair together & he had a blast. He is our little Zach-in-the-box. πŸ™‚

south florida child photographer -

south florida child photographer -

I just LOVE the look of happiness on his face in that photo! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “twenty months old

  1. What age did Zachary start talking at? The kiddo I watch is 17 months now and has a few signs but no words and the pediatrician has been pressure-y about getting him to talk for quite a while now.

    1. He said his first words at 6 and 7 months, but didn’t truly start communicating better until a few months ago, and the last 2 months his communication has greatly increased, it’s pretty awesome!

  2. Children talk at a variety of ages. My friends’s son did not talk until he was almost three years old. Now he has a PhD. Go figure:)

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