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The Big Boy Bed

What a week to switch to the big boy bed! Day 1 is done and I’m a very happy mama. πŸ™‚

This week has been a busy one… that’s an understatement. We’ve just come back from our two-week vacation, Adrian & I have mounds of work & unpacking & cleaning to do, Zachary’s caught a cold AND is teething in his canines (and thus, is very clingy since Β he’s not feeling well), and then – acting like the cute little monkey that he is – he started ramping up his climbing habit even further. While he hasn’t climbed out of his crib before, he decided to try to climb INTO his crib the other day. I was shocked watching him scamper up and seeing him hanging from the rail – yes, just like a little baby monkey.

Adrian and I have been mulling it over the past few days and decided today that it was time to make the switch. We just didn’t want to risk him climbing and jumping out of the crib out of curiosity. We reorganized his room to baby proof it even further, picked up a baby gate to block him from wandering the house at night, and Adrian took the crib rail down and put the toddler guard rail up!

I settled him in with our usual routine of reading before bed, but now it was more fun since I was able to sit in bed with him and cuddle – and the dog even joined us for a few stories. I tucked him in but he did not want to go to bed at first. He stood at the gate looking out and whined a bit and then asked for some milk. I told him that I would give him milk, but he had to lay down and go to sleep when he got it (I don’t really like to give him milk in bed- but it really does settle him down). He waited for me to bring the sippy over to him and immediately ran to his bed and jumped in. I tucked him in with his blanky and stuffled puppy and he snuggled up with his milk. We didn’t hear a peep after that. πŸ™‚

Zachary is sleeping very soundly in his bed now. I can only hope that the next nights go just as smoothly!

I have to say, though, even though 20 months may be earlier than I’d originally anticipated moving him, it was really fun – kind of a little thrill, even – to be able to sit NEXT TO my little guy in HIS bed with his stack of favorite books that he picked out himself (love that part) and reading them with him while he snuggled up with me and his blanket and stuffed dog. That feeling was definitely one that I will always remember and will file away in my special little data bank of feelings. I miss the thought of my little baby, yes… but I’m very proud of my little boy, and I love love love this particular stage in his life!Β I’m so thankful that Adrian and I get to experience so much through his curious little eyes and bright light of a laugh!

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2 thoughts on “The Big Boy Bed

  1. Sounds like a great experience – so glad that things went well for you!! Did he help put the bed together? I know a friend of mine said that helped her son with the transition. Amber πŸ™‚

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