Thanks to my guest bloggers!

I just wanted to say thanks again to my guest bloggers from the past week. I was able to really enjoy being away from the computer, reading, and spending some time having fun the “old fashioned” way. In the coming weeks I will share a little more about the things I did while my guest bloggers were here writing for me! 🙂

Once again if you want to check out my guest bloggers’ websites, they are:

Ajira of Ajira Darch Photography

Tiffany of Mom-Nom

Tara of Tara Sroka Designs

Sarah of Sarah’s Cucina Bella

Lindsey of Waking Up Williams

and my Guest DJ Mike Dougherty who did an absolutely smashing job handling Mixtape Mondays!

You guys are awesome! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thanks to my guest bloggers!

  1. Welcome back and so glad you had such an enjoyable time. Your guests were fun to read and now we wait to hear how your trip was.

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