Guest Blogger: Lindsey of Waking up Williams

I’m thrilled to have Lindsey of Waking up Williams post on my blog! Lindsey blogs about her life in Florida and her adorable baby girl, Ryann, and her husband is a graphic/web designer and specializes in getting bloggers online with WordPress. They are my kind of fun and geeky couple, and maybe one day we’ll meet up since we both live here in the Sunshine State! 🙂 I asked Lindsey to write a bit about living here in Florida since she’s not a native like I am, and I really enjoyed her perspective. Make sure you visit her site, too!

I didn’t grow up in Florida, in fact I never thought I’d live in Florida, but here I am living here, raising a family here (for now) and definitely soaking up the sunshine and warm temperatures, while my family and northern friends are still shoveling snow well into March and when September rolls around their packing away summer clothes to make room for winter. So what brought me 1,300 miles away from family, snow and shovels?  Well college and then a man and now a family….

Here are the top five reasons I moved here and why I’m also looking forward to heading north again (sooner than later, fingers and toes crossed, prayers said and stars aligning)

5. Flee from family and enjoy the freedom.  And then I left and NOW I want Ryann to share clothes with her two girl cousins and let my parents spoil her like grandparents are supposed to do.

4. Beach days starting in February and lasting well into October.  But NOW it’s just too hot, and too much work to take Ryann to the beach as much as I used to go, so really who needs 8 months of beach weather when the baby doesn’t cooperate?!

3. Flip flops YEAR ROUND!!!  I love not worrying about what shoes to wear, flip flops are a staple in a Floridians life, but NOW I miss my other shoes and wearing my dress boots and heels and cute snowbunny boots.

2. The weather, it’s gorgeous UNTIL the oppressive summer heat and humidity roll in.  Blech!!  I want my northern summers back, where a heatwave only lasts a few days and you don’t need air conditioning to breathe.

1. Shoveling snow and wearing 3 layers just to go outside for 2 minutes and then proceed to melt in the stores with all of the layers on.  OK, let’s be real no one wants to shovel snow, but I want Ryann to make snowpeople and sled and eat snow (even though we tell her not to) and whine when we need to spend 30 minutes bundling up for 5 minutes of playtime outside. I miss it!

I miss my Massachusetts drivers license, the Bahstin accent and when asked where I’m from I can proudly say HERE!  Instead of, I’m from Boston, but live in Florida.  Because I’m not a southerner, and I miss the grass, the accent and my family.

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  1. Heartwarming story. I perfectly understand how you feel about ‘home”. Florida is a great choice and lucky you to have another great place up North to visit!!

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