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Thursday treats!

I meant to post this earlier, but I’ve had a really busy day! Check out all of this fun stuff that I just had to share:

+ Modern Bird Studios. Do you know who they are? If you don’t, you should! They create INCREDIBLE custom art pieces based on your photographs! Being a photographer, I think the concept is pretty awesome, and I’m dying to have one of their pieces one day! If you want to buy a REALLY nice Father’s Day gift for someone (or hey, a really nice gift just for yourself), check out Modern Bird and use coupon code FATHERSDAY at checkout to receive 20% off of an amazingly gorgeous custom art piece! soooo awesome!

+ You may or may not know that my family is a little spacey… hehe. As in, we love anything relating to astronomy & outer space. Adrian and I have gone to see a number of space shuttle launches (including what we didn’t know would be the final launch of the shuttle Columbia). We are a bit sad to know that the space program is discontinuing shuttle launches this year, and with only two flights left, we vow to see at least one more shuttle take off… at least so our son can one day say that he was present for one of the final launches (we hope he’s just as space-crazed as we are!). The Space Store now has the End of Program patch available in their store for only $4.95. I’ll definitely be getting this for our collection. They also have a 10% off code, NEWLOOK, good for many items in their store this month. Great for a last minute Dad’s Day gift!

+ Do you like cornbread? I happen to love cornbread… with jalapeños on it.. doused in honey butter…. yum! There’s a reason why I don’t eat it very often, can you tell? 🙂 Since I’ve been dieting, I’ve been trying to stay away from foods that I consider to be “bad” for me, but I do love cornbread, and I might just have to use my birthday next month as an excuse to make some. I found this delicious looking recipe for Beekeeper’s Honey Cornbread on the Etsy Storque page. It looks incredible.

+ Zachary has a new wagon, this awesome Step 2 Wagon for Two… and he LOVES it! We’ve been taking walks almost every day (well, when it’s not raining) and it’s been fun meeting some neighbors and being outside in the fresh air in general. The evenings aren’t too hot yet, so it’s been really nice. I look forward to taking the wagon to the park or beach one day, too… it’s so much fun!

memorial day wagon ride

– On a sad note, another Golden Girl has passed today. RIP, Rue McClanahan. 🙁 Now Betty White is the only one left, she must be so sad now! When I was a little girl, I watched The Golden Girls with my grandma all the time! It was my very favorite TV show (and still is one of my favorites). The character of Blanche Devereaux always had some great storylines! Anyway, if you want to show your love for the Golden Girls, a t-shirt company I found out about today is offering up a discount on their “Stay Golden” shirt honoring the show. I linked to the women’s shirt, but they offer a men’s shirt too.

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