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Expiration dates

I noticed the expiration date on my carton of milk this morning because it was pretty close to my birthday in July, and that suddenly reminded me of being pregnant. No, I didn’t have milk cravings or anything like that. I don’t even like milk very much, actually… I just put it in my coffee. 🙂 It’s more about the actual date itself.

I’ve never had to care much about the expiration date of my milk before… I’m lactose intolerant and all lactose free milk has an incredibly long shelf-life (I bought this particular carton of milk last month and it doesn’t expire until July 10th!), unlike regular old milk. So I rarely if ever look at the expiration date since I don’t really need to.

When I was pregnant, though, the expiration date on my milk carton started to mean something. Every time I bought a carton of milk, the expiration date was slowly getting closer… and closer… and closer… to my due date! I actually remember buying my first carton of milk that expired after my due date. It was kind of a weird feeling, and I recall having a thought that by the time I finished the milk, I might already have a baby!

Last year, when Zachary turned 1, I thought about it again when I bought a carton of milk that expired after his birthday/due date.

I wonder if I’ll think about milk carton expiration dates the same way the next time I get pregnant. I wonder if I’ll always think about expiration dates that way even when my kids are all grown up. Probably. 🙂

Did you use anything like a milk carton expiration date as a judge of how close you were getting to your due date while you were pregnant, too?

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4 thoughts on “Expiration dates

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  2. My focus with my first one was Christmas, because she was due on New Year’s (not that she came then!) If I made it through Christmas, I was so close! I even listened to Christmas music from, like, August on. So funny, because w/ #2, my mind was still stuck on Christmas, and she wasn’t due till March. Then #3, in May…I need another Christmas baby, or maybe a new holiday to look forward to, lol. I also compared my due dates by my monthly OB check-ups, that’s a bit more accurate 🙂
    .-= Liz Kinsfather´s last blog … The Great Escape =-.

  3. Definitely…..I would also make sure I didn’t buy anything that expired on my due date. Today, I make sure I don’t buy anything that expires on my family’s birthdays or our anniversary. I know, weird but true!
    .-= Tracy´s last blog … A Very Special Day…. =-.

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