Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day…. to my daddy, my wonderful husband, and as always, remembering my grandfather who I loved very much (he passed away in 2001 and Zachary is named after him). Happy Father’s Day also to my father in law, Dan, way up in Tennessee, and to all of our cousins/relatives and friends who are dads, too!! 🙂

My family loves bagels, so Adrian, Zachary, and I are heading over to my parents house later to spend some time with them and enjoy bagels and coffee brought home from our favorite spot. I can’t wait! Our family generally prefers to “chill” on holidays and have brunch or lunch and just do something relaxing instead of going out somewhere. What is your family’s celebrating style? Do you like to go out and do something special or just hang out at home spending time together? What are your plans for the day?

Finally, it is also my mother in law’s birthday today…. happy birthday to Mom Z!

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