a sad new year’s day

it is with a heavy heart that I write this post.

My friend Samantha and I are members of an online group for moms called The Bump. we don’t know each other very well and have actually only met each other a couple times. but all the ladies on The Bump have a great friendship and connection to each other – whether we’ve met each other or not, we are a tight knit group.

this morning I learned that Samantha’s husband Gary passed away. this past year, Gary had battled lymphoma and had finally beaten cancer, only to get sick on Christmas day and ultimately pass away this morning on New Years morning. He leaves behind a beautiful wife and a very sweet and adorable 2 year old baby boy.

you can read about everything Samantha has endured with Gary and his journey at her blog here. just a word of warning, you will probably cry. 🙁

a less sad new years post from me will be coming soon, hopefully. until then, hold your loved ones tight and give your babies an extra kiss. and if you wouldn’t mind, keep my friend and her little boy and their family in your thoughts. 🙁

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