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a 13 month update!

Zachary is such a fun little kid to be around right now. He is running ALL over the place- quite a handful but oh so much fun. He is really a little person now and so much less of a baby. I am in love with this stage – there is so much learning and discovery and it’s so much fun now that he understands just about everything I’m saying (even though he doesn’t talk much yet).

He says just a few words still – mama, dada, dog and Maya (our dog) and now he is saying Tah! for Thomas the train. My mom is relentless trying to teach him to say grandma but he hasn’t caught on yet – LOL.

He is a very good listener even though he gets very upset when you tell him not to do something that he really wants to do (which of course Adrian and I think is kind of funny, we have to try not to laugh). He is very good at following directions, and I love asking him to find things and give them to me – like a shirt that fell on the floor, a toy, the ball, my iphone, a cup, even the dog’s toys he understands are the dog’s and will give them to the dog when prompted! it is very cool.

He likes his blocks (eating and stacking them) and anything with colors and shapes, and loves his Elmo shape sorter. He is starting to understand which shapes go where and how the colors match up. He knows which parts go to which toy. He is VERY inquisitive and likes to understand how things work. He loves buckles and tries to figure out how to unbuckle and re-buckle things (Thank you Aunt Amy for Bucky the buckle turtle toy!). He likes to try to take things apart and figure out how they work which is really amazing to see. He loves leaves and rocks and bricks and your typical little boy things. 🙂 He adores his dog and his daddy and mommy and the TV remote.

The cutest things he’s done in the past few days are help me empty the dishwasher and use a paper towel to clean the table! I have been showing him how to clean the table when I spill something on it, and he’s figuring it out. it is soooo cute!

He also does this fake-out thing where he will offer you something like food or a toy and then right when you go for it, he takes it back and starts laughing. it is hilarious!! he just started that recently too. he is learning how to be funny. 🙂

I just took him for his 1 year appointment.. He is now 13 months and weighs 27lb 12oz and is 33 inches tall! A very tall and skinny little boy! He wears 18 month clothes but usually the 18 month pants fall off of him which can be a little frustrating for his mommy!

Every post is better with a picture, so here’s a sneak peak of Zachary’s official 1st year photo shoot (done at 13 months).

13 months old!

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