nine month update and photos

I took Zachary for his 9 month old checkup today! He is over his cold finally and was able to get his shots – another hepatitis shot and the first of a series of two flu vaccines. We are going to be traveling next month, so I decided to go for the flu vax just in case we are around any germy people on the plane. 🙂

The doctor has pronounced him to be a very healthy, growing boy! He is hitting all his milestones and is on his way to walking, quite possibly before his 1st birthday! He is measuring 31 inches and is 24 lb! wow! He is very tall and obviously takes after his dad (thankfully) when it comes to height!

A few days ago I took some photos of Zachary… not his official 9 month pictures, but kind of a little “day in the life” series. The first are some pictures of him playing on the piano. Zachary loves music and is very interested in the piano. He loves to bang on the keys at least! the second grouping is of Zachary in his playroom. We moved the table out of our breakfast nook and created a playroom with a gate & a matted area and lots of toys. He loves crawling around, cruising along the edge, and playing with some toys. Finally, some images of him outside, right before a storm came in. I love the last photo of his gorgeous blue eyes. Hope you enjoy them, too!

Banging on the keys

Future piano player

This is my playroom!

Hi Mommy!

Little pumpkin

Investigating the grass


Cute smile

Baby Blue Eyes

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