nine month milestones

Zachary is sick with bronchiolitis right now. This is his first “real” cold although he’s had a sore throat and an ear infection before. I took him to the doctor and he was prescribed saline in his nose, Albuterol syrup a couple times a day to help with the breathing, and a humidifier during the night. He seems to get better but the doctor instructed us that it could take 5 to 10 days so unfortunately he’s not having fun at his new babysitter’s house and is instead cooped up at home with me. Adrian and I have also picked up colds, so it’s not a fun combo!

On the other hand though, despite not feeling well, Zachary has learned a few new tricks:

– Zachary can now wave! He doesn’t do it consistently but he can do it, and it’s oh so cute!

– He is sharing! This is a brand new one – it literally just happened AS I was writing this blog entry. Zachary picked up a toy block and handed it over to me! I was also the lucky recipient of a slobbered-on Puff.

– He is opinionated! Well, we all knew that one, LOL! I suppose he’s been shaking his head “no” for a while now, but I just noticed it earlier today when I was trying to get him to finish his snack and he obviously was done. He shook his little head when I offered a piece of cheese and his sippy cup of water. Too cute!

– He gives kisses on command. It is the cutest thing. I always ask him for a kiss when I put him to bed and he stands in his crib on his tiptoes and gives me a little baby kiss! Awwwww.

– Even though he fights me when I change his diaper, he is getting to be helpful when I dress him, which is kind of nice! Today when I put on his pants, he lifted one little foot and then the other so I could put each one in a pant leg. Very cute.

He is really cruising everywhere and I think he will decide to take his first steps in another month or two. He also loves trying new foods – last night he ate Israeli cous cous for the first time and thought it was fantastic! I love trying new foods with him – it’s so much fun to see his reaction – especially when he particularly loves something!

Next month we are taking our second big family trip which will be Z’s first time on an airplane – going to San Diego for a family wedding. Then the next month will be Thanksgiving and Zachary’s 1st birthday! I can’t believe I am starting to plan his party already. How has this year gone by so quickly???

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