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baby’s bedtime routine

Zachary has always liked books, but usually liked to eat them more than read them. 🙂 In the past few weeks, I decided that I really needed to start reading to him much more than I had been, and wanted to make that a priority. So, I started making it a point to read him stories each night when I put him to bed. I found that the routine was not only good for him, it was another really fun way for us to bond over something that I loved as a child and have always hoped that my children would love, too: reading.

After he has his last bottle, I put Zachary in his crib and give him his favorite stuffed animals (his bunny, dachshund, and his owl lovey) and read him a few stories. In the beginning he needed 2 or 3 stories to settle, but now we’re down to just one, though sometimes if it’s an early night or if he’s really getting into the story, I read a second one. He is a great baby and at the end of the story he usually is either laying down ready for sleep, or he stands up in his crib to hug and kiss me goodnight before laying down on his little baby pillow. It is too precious. 🙂

Some of our favorite bedtime books are:

Guess How Much I Love You (the bunny that Zachary adores is from this wonderful book)
The Runaway Bunny
Mommy’s Best Kisses
On the Day You Were Born
I’ll See You in the Morning

2 thoughts on “baby’s bedtime routine

  1. That is so sweet. I had that moment when Jude was around 8 months where I decided I really needed to read to him every night and it has been a great routine. We only miss the book if he falls asleep nursing.

    His favorite is “Dog” and any of the books with textural animals. I’ve never tried reading to him while he was in the crib. He always sits in my lap, but I will have to try it to see if he relaxes like Zachary.

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