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siren.org celebrates 11 years!!!

I was just checking the whois records for siren.org and realized that my website just celebrated 11 years – it was registered on March 2, 1998, when I was only 15 years old! wow- by the time I’m 31, I’ll have had my website for longer than I haven’t!!

for kicks, I checked the wayback machine archive site and found that it recorded a LOT of one of the first versions of my website from back in December 2008. I am amazed at what is still there!

Here is the main page – as you can see, I tried to sell stuff online via Amazon’s Affiliate’s program, which I assume must have just been getting started back then, and I also tried selling my old CDs, books, and random stuff through the “store” link.

If you click on “speak” you’ll see my “speak board” that I created aka “forums”. In reality, a real ubb forum was too advanced for me to program, so I modified a guestbook perl script and built up a pretty active message board on my site, which lasted for a long time. I still miss those days…. long before Facebook, people came to MY website to chat with each other! wow, what an ego trip for a 15-year-old girl!! LOL! it only has the last archive up – clicking on the other ones doesn’t do anything – but I actually do have them all archived on my computer, still…. I found them a while back buried in my hard drive archives. 🙂

you can also see such hilarities as my “web design company” (lolz) and my web page en español, which features a tribute to Gloria Estefan. how embarrassing!! haha!!

if you have a website that has also lived a long life, you should check out the wayback machine, too!

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