Four months tomorrow

Tomorrow, Zachary will be four months old!! I can’t really believe it. He has come so far and reached so many milestones since the day he was born. He can do so many things and is so much fun to play with and be around. I know it will only keep getting better. I definitely relish the moments with him as a little baby, but I love the glimpses I get into the curious little boy that he is becoming. He is so cute!

Today I got the chance to put him into his new Maclaren Quest Sport stroller which his Gramsy (Adrian’s mom) got him while she was here visiting us last weekend. Isn’t it beautiful? I love the red color because like my Chicco system (also red), it will be perfect for any future children no matter if they end up being girls or boys. I love Zachary’s expression… he’s like… “Mom, I’m not sure if I like this thing!!” This is his “grown up” lighter (only 11 pounds!) stroller for shorter trips when we don’t feel like lugging the 23 pound Chicco Cortina.

New Stroller

Then, we played a bit. While he was in a happy mood, I took a few more photos. Here is one I like of him being his usual happy self:

My little guy

I really hate that there is a fold mark in the blanket in that photo, but that’s just the perfectionist in me talking…. oh well. Zachary looks cute and that’s what’s important. 🙂 It’s hard taking baby pics by yourself when no one is around to help – especially when the baby is squirmy like Zachary is these days!

Finally, after a nice long play session, the little guy passed out. Here’s my favorite sleeping picture:

Sleeping Baby

I think he looks more like a little boy here than a baby, which makes me a little sad. I know I still have lots and lots of baby time with him yet, but someday he’s not going to want to cuddle with mommy anymore, just like a typical little boy. At least then I will have pictures of him to remember from when he was still tiny, and lots of wonderful memories of my adorable little boy. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Four months tomorrow

  1. he is getting so big!!! 4 months!? where does the time go? 🙂 his face in the first picture makes me laugh – he looks very disinterested.

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