Come on, Baby Z!

Today Adrian and I went to the doctor for my 37 week appointment (tomorrow will be 38 weeks).

Unfortunately I still haven’t had any progress! While my cervix has “softened” there is not yet any dilation. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean anything since I know of people who have gone from nothing to labor in a day or two, but it’s still a bit disappointing. The baby is still doing well though, with a good heartbeat and seems to be head down, which is important.

Since my last appointment I have managed to lose 3 pounds. I’ve been drinking TONS of water though, so I’m sure that helped reduce my fluid retention.

5 thoughts on “Come on, Baby Z!

  1. Does your doctor know how big the baby is? I’m a little obsessed with this right now–my husband is a really tall person and was a LARGE baby (9+ pounds), and his mom was tall as well, so it wasn’t horrible for her (natural delivery with no drugs!). However, I’m as short as you are, and I’m terrified that when I end up getting pregnant genetics will deal me a 9+ pounder and my body will break in half, LOL. So I am wondering about other small people out there like you–are you looking at a big baby, or more average sized? I know they do estimates, right?

    Sorry for the laundry list! 😛


  2. LOL! I don’t mind the questions.

    Both Adrian and I were about 7lb. when we were born and my doctor estimates that our little one will probably also be around 7 to 7.5lb. when he is born. Of course, if he goes past the due date there is always a chance that he will weigh a little bit more, but right now I’m not too concerned.

    Either way, I most certainly will be getting the drugs, so even though I know the contractions will suck and the pressure will be really uncomfortable, I’m looking forward to not having to deal with the actual pain until they remove the Epidural. Haha!!

  3. Good! I am glad for you–I am all for the drugs too, personally. 😛

    I was also about 7lb when I was born so hopefully cool heads will prevail in the DNA department and I will not be forced to give birth to one of those enormous pumpkins you see winning those contests at farmers markets 😉

  4. No worries about no dilation. You aren’t THAT close to your delivery date, and the longer you are dilated, the more prone you are to infection, so that’s a good thing. Since he is head down and you are starting to soften, sounds to me like you are right on target! The last week is gonna be where all the action is!

    Since your cervix is softening, it means he is starting to drop. When he’s fully dropped and is engaged in the pelvis, you can actually see the difference, so you’ll know when the party has started.

    Can’t wait!

  5. I am 1 cm dilated as of Tuesday. 😛

    Unlike you, I want this baby to wait as long as possible!!! or at least until November 23 when my mom gets here! I keep telling her, “Just wait for Grandma… just wait for Grandma…”


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