Come on, Baby Z!

Today Adrian and I went to the doctor for my 37 week appointment (tomorrow will be 38 weeks). Unfortunately I still haven’t had any progress! While my cervix has “softened” there is not yet any dilation. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean anything since I know of people who have gone from nothing to labor… Read More Come on, Baby Z!


Distant memories

The end of the pregnancy has been really tough for me, and I’m hoping that everything bothering me becomes a distant memory just like everyone says it will. The biggest issues I’m having now are incredibly swollen feet and legs, carpal tunnel, and problems sleeping. The carpal tunnel is probably bothering me the most over… Read More Distant memories


37 weeks

Today I am officially full term!!! The baby can come any time now, really. 🙂 I am definitely looking forward to the baby coming. I’m having a horrible time sleeping, the heartburn still won’t go away, and I’m swollen from head to toe. Here’s what has to say: Congratulations — your baby is full… Read More 37 weeks