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Trying to reason with hurricane season…

Hurricane Season is a yearly battle for us South Floridians… and now we’ve got our first potential hurricane of the year – currently named Tropical Storm Fay. Fort Lauderdale hasn’t been listed as “in the cone” for the past two days, but they have still canceled the first day of school among other things in the area because of all the crazy hurricane hype that goes on.

It’s always a little amusing to see people getting ready for a hurricane. There is always tons and tons of news media fear propagandering. The kind of unnecessary drama that they create is just absolutely ridiculous.  I’d say the best part of the whole thing is when the TV stations put some idiot in the eye of the storm and show him getting blown around on the beach in a yellow poncho.

Yesterday I watched a video on the web about everyone’s mad rush to the grocery store to stock up on supplies, but if you looked carefully, the parking lot behind the reporter was empty and there was barely anyone shopping in the store. They could have at least chosen a busier store for that kind of report!

Adrian and I even let ourselves get sucked in – after dinner last night, we went to publix to buy an extra package of water (which we had to pay a dollar more for since the store brand was sold out, ugh). And today, I am going to have to get gas in my car, if I can find a gas station that doesn’t have a line that goes a mile down the street.

I am not too worried about the storm, but you never know – we were not “in the cone” for Hurricane Wilma either, and it ended up being a category 4/5 and hit us directly, causing lots of damage and no power in our house for 2 weeks.  Considering that our power goes out even with regular old rainstorms, outages are not much of a surprise to us, but it does make life incredibly aggravating when you have a lot of work to do!

Personally, I’m just glad that my doctor’s appointment for today was not canceled (althought they are closing early!). If the storm does come, and we lose power, I have lots of stuff to do to keep busy, and if all else fails, my parents have a generator and we’ll at least be able to go over there and watch TV or something!

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