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First light

It’s almost 7 AM. I got out of bed about an hour ago after tossing and turning for what seems like hours (but in reality was probably more like 45 minutes or so). My back has been aching pretty badly lately and it wasn’t until tonight that it affected my sleep. I knew it would happen, but was hoping it wouldn’t become an issue for a while.

I just looked up at the window and noticed that it’s a little bit light out. I really love this time of morning – I like hearing the birds chirp and seeing the sun rise. Being up this early reminds of when I was younger and liked to stay up all night just for fun. I actually wish that I was awake at this time of day more often. I’m sure that I will be up very early a lot after we have the baby, but it’s definitely important to take time to appreciate it now, because I doubt I will be this appreciative when I’m waking up every two hours for feedings in just a couple of months!

It feels like my Tylenol finally kicked in, and Baby Z’s kickings have calmed down a little and he’s taking a nap, so I guess I’ll try to get a little bit more rest, myself, while I can…

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  1. Hey Karen, it’s been waaaaaaaay too long since we talked! I haven’t been on IM as much since I got a job. But I wanted to let you know that I got a body pillow and it seems to help my comfort during sleep a lot! Just a recommendation – I got one for $10 at Target with a $10 body pillow cover. Highly recommended!

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