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Family Visit

On August 9th, my sister in law, Lissa, and my mother in law, Debi, came to visit me and Adrian to help us get ready for the baby’s arrival!! We had a great time getting the baby’s room ready, shopping, and spending time together. Here are some highlights from their visit.

Since Lissa and Mom Z (Debi) took more photos than I did, I am going to share some of theirs, as mine aren’t quite as detailed. 🙂

Adrian and Lissa get ready to paint the baby’s room:
Adrian & Lissa painting Baby Z's Room

Freshly painted room! Even Maya is posing for this shot!
Maya, Lissa, Mom Z, Karen, & Adrian

Relaxing on gliders after a long day of shopping.
Enjoying gliders while shopping for baby furniture

Lissa & Mom Z threw me a pre-baby shower shower!
Karen & Adrian with baby gifts

Then, we went to Color Me Mine to paint some accessories for Baby Z’s room!
Karen, Lissa, & Mom Z

It was great to spend time with them as we don’t get to see Adrian’s side of the family too often, since his mom lives in Tennessee and his sister lives in New York. We look forward to seeing them again in just a couple of months when the baby is born! Yay!

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