even MORE scrapbook pages!

The more and more that I work on this, the more I love the idea of having a scrapbook to commemorate my pregnancy and everything that goes along with it. After the year is over and the baby is born, I plan to add his birth and newborn photos and then have the book printed with one of my professional album companies so I can really have something beautiful to treasure.

Here are two more pages for today:



3 thoughts on “even MORE scrapbook pages!

  1. beautiful!! do you do all your work in photoshop? i do a regular scrapbook every year and i really want to start digital scrapbooking. do you purchase your elements or design yourself or both?

  2. Yes, I do everything in Photoshop. I’ve bought a lot of stuff but there are lots of sites out there where you can get some incredible stuff for FREE.. amazingly enough. One of the sites that I link to on the blog – the Irene Alexeeva site – she offers most of her work for free, which is ridiculous because it’s so incredibly beautiful!!!

    I don’t really know enough to make my own elements, but I do know how to do things like make paper cutouts using shapes in Photoshop, simple things like that. I also use hue & saturation to change colors of papers and other accents/embellishments. I probably won’t ever make my own elements… there are just too many awesome designers out there. I have fun playing with what I download!

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