Mixtape Mondays!

With Mixtape Mondays, you’re your own DJ!

Post the track-list to your favorite mix, a la 20 years ago…. so you can only use 10 songs… and up to 2 “bonus tracks” if you really can’t fit it into 10.

Use a specific theme, or just whatever strikes your fancy. On my blog, I’m doing it the last Monday of each month, but you can do it any Monday you’d like! Just make sure you link back here!

Post your track list on your blog, flickr, LiveJournal, or whatever you use to post your thoughts online.

Remember, posting actual mp3’s of copyrighted music is illegal, so don’t do it. You can support your favorite artists by linking the song names to the artist and encouraging your blog readers to purchase the music themselves! You can post songs using Grooveshark, a third-party web app which supports protecting the copyright of musical artists.

You can see a list of my previous mixtapes by clicking here.

Grab your own Mixtape Mondays button below:

mixtape mondays

Click here to download the image and save it to your server. đŸ™‚

When you make your post, link back to this page: http://siren.org/mixtape-mondays/

OR just grab the button text in my sidebar! đŸ™‚

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