How do you stand?

Stand quote Mary Oliver

All of the ways in which we stand have different emotions attached to them.

We stand up.
We stand out.
We stand still.
We stand back.
We stand at the edge.
We stand in our power.
We stand our ground.
We stand down.

One action, performed in several different ways, also brings forth separate somatic responses.

We think of standing, walking, and running as activities that use our feet, however, they use all of our body, mind, and spirit.

Feel the strength in your legs, all four corners of your feet meeting the ground, and your toes as they grip the earth beneath you… Notice how your legs feel as they hold you up. Does your stance give you stability?

Can you feel your mind settling as your body sways into balance and stillness, finding the plumbline, the center-point?

Feel your breath fill your body and radiate lifeforce energy back into the earth, just as you absorb energy back up through the earth. Give and take. This grounding feeling allows us to feel connected, centered, and balanced.

As you move about your day, intentionally notice the way you stand in your own energy to form a connection to yourself and to the world around you.

How do you find yourself standing today?

Check out my Standing Grounded Spotify playlist.

* inspired by today’s yoga class

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